Damage free de-badging of your vehicle the easy way.

Vehicle Manufacturer Badge Removal

There are many reasons why you may wish to remove the badges from your vehicle (De-badge). Some prefer a cleaner look, you may be having signage fitted and they are in the way or changing the colour of the badges (Badge Styling).

Before you start trying to rip, scrape or prise these off let us tell you the easy, damage free way.

Step 1

Clean the area around the badges, its a lot easier with a clean space. There is no point overly washing the car at this point especially if using wax because the next steps will remove it again.

Step 2

Warm the area with a heat gun. Hold the heat gun approx 6-10 inches away and keep the heat gun moving. You want to warm the panel not burn the badges or your paint. Circular sweeping motions work well. In heating the panel you soften the badge tape glue that is holding the badges in place. This method means you will remove the badges and most of the tape in one go.

Step 3

Once the panel is warm to touch take a plastic squeegee, old credit card or similar and work around the edge of the badge. Once you feel the badge is more free peel the badge from the open side.

Step 4

Spray glue remover over any remaining glue, wait momentarily and using a clean microfibre cloth remove.

Step 5

Clean the area to ensure no glue remover is left on the body work (Pre Clean if you going to apply new signage or new badges)

Step 6

Clean the area with a final cleaner if applying signage or new badges.