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No longer a Luxury: Why top end signage is becoming a Must-Have

Luxury Signage

Most of our clients dream of an endless marketing budget to achieve the dream signage they have seen on Pinterest, Instagram etc. Unfortunately more often than not Luxury Signs are thought about and then left until someone shouts “when is the sign coming?” By this point the project is over budget and there is a point when either the budget is ignored or the budget dictates the first image of the business to prospective customers.

Often signage that is inspiring, truly unique or innovative is classed as a Luxury Sign or Premium Sign and considered to be a Luxury item rather than a Must-Have. So why is it a Must-Have?

Luxury Sign = Quality Services / Products

As we all make choices when spending are money we are led by Key Markers in the experience and this denotes our expectations. Take for example most £1 stores or Bargain Warehouses. They are a business that grows reaches huge profits per quarter but we all relate to them as £1 Stores, or “Cheap”. From the bright simplistic signage, products still on pallets with cardboard point of sale, wire baskets and basic fittings we are driven to believe cheap. This is all marketing driving the customer to believe they can spend away because its “Cheap”. Now transport that customer to the doors of your business, what is your model? So if you want to sell a Premium product or service we need to tell the customer this from the Marketing. If they expect to pay for a Luxury product, they expect the Luxury product experience. Does your Signage and branding match your product or service level?

Luxury Signage Illuminated

Quality Materials = Luxury Sign

So you have decided that your clients need to have an experience that matches the product or service expectations, no we can look at what materials can help you achieve this within your signage. The following are rough guides that will meet material standards for “Luxury Signs”

  • Acrylic – Preferably Shaped & Polished with a minimum thickness of 10mm
  • ACM – Aluminium Composite Material – Ideal for Sign Backing, choice of high Gloss and Matt finish with a minimum aluminium content of .4mm
  • Aluminium Framing – Hidden aluminium frame for support with fixings on returns not the face of the sign
  • Fibreglass / HDPU – Carving & Moulding to create 3D shapes – primed and painted option to finish with alternative face material for mirror or brushed appearance.

Quality Design = Luxury Sign

“The Devil is in the detail” The design of the sign is the single most important piece of this Luxury Sign Puzzle. Use a designer that has a track record of delivering on signage, this is a niche area in design and a web designer or business card designer will not likely have the experienced skill set to deliver. If your sign will be created from multiple materials and components it needs to fit together perfectly to deliver the Luxury Image.

Luxury Sign Lettering

Competition = Crowd

As companies grow and develop so does their brand, direction and experience to their customers. Most business’s will rebrand on average once every five years with a major rebrand as product or service direction changes. As other business’s in competition with you develop your customers may feel your competition becomes more relevant to them. It also shows success which delivers a higher level of faith in the company than one left behind that looks potentially struggling. Stand out from the Crowd and take your market share.

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