As a trusted signs and graphics company, we often are called upon to repair signs for business in Stafford and surrounding areas. This often involves undertaking sign repairs to solve problems of missing letters, structural failures and delamination. In most instances a repair can be the solution and our teams extensive knowledge of materials, bonding & recreation enables a cost effective repair. In some instances you may decide that a replacement sign is going to be most cost effective for your business in the long term and if this is the case we can certainly help you from design through to installation.

The following are some of the main sign issues that need sign repair in Stafford;

Missing Letters

2D raised acrylic, foam or composite letters are our most common call out in Stafford. Over time the bond between the letter and its fixings weaken and result in the letter dropping off. We can refit the letter and check if any other are failing. The sign can stay in position and the job can be completed in one visit.

Unsecured Signs

Signboards tend to last many years however a lot are fixed to timber fronts on stafford based shops, Over time fixings in the wood can become lose or the wood may deteriorate leaving you with a lose sign. This can be very dangerous if it falls and can cause serious injury or fatality to anyone caught underneath. If you have a sign that you think is dangerous call our team and we can make the sign safe. Emergency Sign Repair In Stafford – 01543 624200.

Sign Lighting Failure

Integral sign illumination is high on the list of repairs, usually older style tube systems rather than modern LED. We are often now upgrading rather than repairing tube lights in Stafford by installing LED systems in their place. This offers a more maintenance free system with lower running costs.

Shop Sign LED illuminated

If you need Sign Repair in Stafford or surrounding areas, get in touch today.

We are Approved and Certified by many of the Local Government Departments;

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