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Why a Part Wrap might be the best for your business

Why a Part Wrap might be the best option for your Business ….Part wraps do actually have many advantages over complete vehicle wraps. When a vehicle is completely wrapped especially in a block primary colour it can often be mis identified as just being a different colour painted vehicle. This actually loses the effect of being different and can leave your wrap being less noticeable. Part wraps are a lot quicker to produce and install meaning your vehicle or fleet will be offline for less time to complete the project. As shown in the image a two tone effect is instantly noticeable and in this case with this shaped shadow designs means it stands out even more. Another reason it may be the better option for your business is the cost to produce. As in the photo this design is installed over areas of the vehicle that have less obstacles like door handles, mirrors and glass. This means it can be installed quicker and is less labour cost. On top of the reduced amount of material this makes for an impressive saving whilst actually getting your business noticed more effectively. Talk to our friendly team to learn how we can add value to your brand with a Part Vehicle Wrap? Why not get in touch today, we would love to help with your next project from a single van to a full fleet our team will guarantee to deliver.

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