The big secret to effective advertising isn’t just to make a good first impression, but you should also pay equal attention to making a lasting first impression. Vehicle graphics are an effective way of spreading your business’ message. Using vehicle signs for advertising is a brilliant way of branding and marketing your business.

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Vehicles covered in glossy, bright advertisements will definitely give you a better chance of catching the eye of your audience. These days, more and more businesses have turned to this form of marketing for advertising their business.

Small Business UK, ranked vehicle branding as an innovative advertising option (see here)

Here are some of the reasons why vehicle graphics have been an effective way of advertising.

  • Reach the masses

Over 90% of the British Public can be reached by vehicle based advertising as per the latest surveys.

  • Memorable

Vehicle graphics are easy to remember. According to a survey held for age group 18-34, 47% of the people easily remembered and actively engaged with vehicle based advertising. 

  • Attain high impressions at minimal investment

If your business uses vehicle graphics on one vehicle, then you will be able to net around 50,000-80,000 mobile impressions per day depending on the distance the vehicle drives. 

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  • Actively displaying your message full time.

Not only does your business benefit from smart branded livery this is active 24hours a day 365 days a year. Parked vehicles also have a highly successful return on investment.

  • Easily amended for updates

As your business develops and evolves the signage on your vehicle can be changed quickly and efficiently to update logos, colour schemes and the messages they hold. 

  • Fully removable at the end of their term.

Modern style vehicle graphics are created with materials designed to be removed with no damage. If you business lease’s its vehicles or upgrades frequently you will not receive charges or loss’s from utilizing signage. 

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