While living in a digitally enhanced world, the importance of signs for any business has increased. Your logo or signboard is just not a piece containing your brand name, it is a brand ambassador of your business. They promote your business, provide information or direct people towards you.

Signs are the visual presenters of your business. People can see no matter where you place them, on the buildings, in front of your office, on the roads, etc. They become inanimate salesperson of your business and draw more customers.

For these reasons, signage should be very attractive and aesthetically appealing. An attractive sign can make your business stand apart from others. People recognize a specific sign more quickly than they can read.

Sign installed above a roller shutter door. Tray Sign with raised logo and lettering.
Signage installed for Jointing Tech based in Staffordshire

Allow us to expand and show you why signs are important for your business:

Signs are Cost-Effective Marketing

For business who have limited funds to spend on marketing, an attractive sign does play a vital role. It is a lot cheaper than advertising on digital media such as radio, TV, etc. Once a beautiful sign is ready and installed, it will work for you 24/7, doesn’t require staff or the site to be open.

Outdoor exhibition signs for Staffordshire based company. Includes Printed panels, Flags, Cut Vinyl & 2D raised lettering signs
Outdoor Exhibition for Staffordshire based company.

Brand Recognition

As I have mentioned above, signs are your brand ambassadors. They give your brand a recognition regardless of the location. The more a business is recognized, the more it will flourish. Attractive and well-designed signage will bring more customers and off course, more profits.

Signs Create the First Impression

Your signage is the first thing a customer notices and creates a first impression (either good or bad). A lot can be expressed just by putting a sign outside your business location such as your business ethics, loyalties and not to forget, the quality of your brand. So design it wise.

Printed Tray Sign installed on a factory in Bilston, Wolverhampton.
Tray Sign created / installed for a client in Bilston near Wolverhampton.

Signs Stay in People’s Minds

Human beings tend to remember signs more than they can remember words. Let your signs do all the talking. That is why signage is very important for any business. Use stylish fonts, powerful colors to express your brand and make it stay in the customer’s mind forever.

Except for the aforementioned benefits of using attractive and visually appealing signs, the location where you put the signs also matters. Keep the message concise and place it where it is clearly visible. Signage is as important as a website, it is an essential part of an advertising strategy. Use this tool to enhance your business now.

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Vehicle Signs for Mega Spares delivery vans in Tamworth, staffordshire.
Vehicle Signs for Mega Spares delivery vans in Tamworth, Staffordshire.